pw02coverWelcome to episode #9 of Project Wideawake. This is the lost episode.

On the plus side, we have new and improved production values, because I’m learning how to use Audacity. (Although there are still places you can hear me move my papers around, I’m getting better about not touching the microphone.)


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This episode’s music:

  • “Merlin Bay” by Tinglerz (3:21)
  • “The Static in Between” by The Shining Skulls (4:22)
  • “The Simple Life” by That’s My Name (3:18)
  • “Faces in the Street” by ice jupiter groove (4:23)
  • “Hello, This is Tech Support” by Tinyfolk (5:01)
  • “La Gata Bajo La Lluvia” by Chico Trujillo (3:16)

Episode #009 is 35 minutes and 6 seconds long and clocks in at 64.2 MB in size.

tinglerzTinglerz are from Las Vegas (apparently). You can connect with them on Bandcamp, Facebook, and MySpace. Their music is courtesy of Mevio’s Music Alley.



shining-skullsThe Shining Skulls are apparently no more. At least, their website doesn’t look like them, and they haven’t been on Twitter since 2012. They are (were) also on MySpace. Their music is courtesy of Mevio’s Music Alley.

(Yeah, I got retweeted toward the end of this section. Next time, I’ll remember to turn off my tablet before I start recording.)fry-ipod



thats-my-nameThat’s My Name is (was?) a French band. I played their song “Before I Get Old” in PW002. I believe I originally got their music from Jamendo, but they have since disappeared both from there and from MySpace.



ice-jupiter-groove2ice-jupiter-grooveice jupiter groove formed in Australia in 1995, but they have apparently gone away. You can see them on ReverbNation and Facebook. Their music is courtesy of Mevio’s Music Alley.

(I included the second image because it has a dog in it. My podcast, my rules.)



tiny-folkTinyfolk existed from 2005 until 2011. Tinyfolk comes to us courtesy of the Free Music Archive/CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


chico-trujilloChico Trujillo is a New Chilean Cumbia band from Chile. Their website is here, but they are also on MySpace. “La gata bajo la lluvia” translates roughly as “the cat out in the rain”. You can read some attempts at translations of the lyrics here and here. Chico Trujillo comes to us courtesy of the Free Music Archive/CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

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