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Some things for you to peruse over the weekend.

Weekend Reading #006

Just a few things you might want to read over the weekend as you step away from the television: George Orwell wrote an unpublished introduction to Animal Farm.  What’s your favorite kids’ movie? The Guardian posted a list picked by readers. (Some of my favorites from the list: Explorers, Coco, The Iron Giant, and The …read more…

Weekend Reading #005

Just a few things I’ve read lately that you might like to peruse over the weekend… The Public Domain Review usually posts interesting articles about things which are with us, but uncommon. But their essay “The City That Fell Off a Cliff” by Matthew Green tells the story of something that is no longer with …read more…

Weekend Reading #004

Just some things to carry you through the weekend starting Friday, April 17, 2020. I just read Wei’s Dumpling Guide and now I’m pretty excited about making some Chinese dumplings in a weekend or two. And also, spring onion pancake (because I love green onions), cucumber salad, homemade bao (because, hello? Bao!), and of course, I’ll …read more…

Weekend Reading #003

Interesting things to read for the weekend starting Friday, April 10, 2020.

Weekend Reading #002

Reading for the weekend starting Friday, April 3, 2020.

Weekend Reading #001

Weekend Reading

A few things to get you through your weekend: The Oatmeal wrote a serious of ten eight posts about creativity and they are marvelous. If you like the smell of a storm’s first raindrops, you need to know about petrichor. A Japanese grade school closed due to the coronavirus, and the kids held their graduation …read more…