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Silent Noise Project #010 — the everything you touch is now contaminated episode

I’m still here. Welcome to episode #10 of the Silent Noise Project. This episode is 50 minutes and 38 seconds long and weighs 67.3 megabytes, although your mileage may vary because the internet gets superfreaky sometimes. The People’s Revolutionary Podcast Naming Committee has decreed that this episode shall be called “everything you touch is now …read more…

The Great Recession Archive Podcast — Episode 000

During the Great Recession I was living in a small, one-bedroom apartment in an out-of-the-way location that didn’t have high-speed internet—only dial-up. (This is relevant, believe me.) I had been working as a substitute teacher after going back to college to renew my teaching certificate. During the school year, I was able to work as …read more…

Weekend Reading #002

Reading for the weekend starting Friday, April 3, 2020.