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A record of lies and deception

First, a couple of posts from your old pal, Wil Wheaton, that are actually true: When public health becomes a casualty of the right-wing culture war, innocent people will die What a Tragedy   And then, a great response to some who just says anti-tRumpers “just hate tRump”:

Silent Noise Project #010 — the everything you touch is now contaminated episode

Silent Noise Project Volume 2

I’m still here. Welcome to episode #10 of the Silent Noise Project. This episode is 50 minutes and 38 seconds long and weighs 67.3 megabytes, although your mileage may vary because the internet gets superfreaky sometimes. The People’s Revolutionary Podcast Naming Committee has decreed that this episode shall be called “everything you touch is now …read more…

Humor in the time of Corona Virus

Because it’s necessary to laugh every once in a while.

Living in Quarantine – A Source List

The only way to defeat this pandemic is to practice social distancing. And for a lot of us, that means sheltering in place. Here are some resources to help you through this time.

Silent Noise Project #009 — the chicken sushi episode

Silent Noise Project Volume 2

  Hello again. Welcome to episode #9 of the Silent Noise Project. This episode is 41 minutes and 10 seconds long and weighs in at 41.9 megabytes. As always, your mileage may, and probably will vary, because the internet is not a perfect place. Just like the world in general. The People’s Revolutionary Podcast Naming Committee …read more…

Weekend Reading #001

Weekend Reading

A few things to get you through your weekend: The Oatmeal wrote a serious of ten eight posts about creativity and they are marvelous. If you like the smell of a storm’s first raindrops, you need to know about petrichor. A Japanese grade school closed due to the coronavirus, and the kids held their graduation …read more…