Earlier, I wrote about the quick response I got from TextBroker. In that post, I noted how even though it was taking them forever to rate my articles, they were able to respond to my email in less than 24 hours.

Here’s where it gets weird. A couple of weeks after they sent me that message, they sent the exact same message to me again. Human error or computer glitch? Who knows? And to be honest, who cares? There’s a “delete” button for a reason.

Then, on November 16, I saw this in my inbox:

My rating is still three stars. I’m not upset about that, because at least my rating is now actually based on my last five articles. Of course, there still aren’t any three-star level writing jobs available, but I decided to check in on them every once in a while between now and the end of the year to see if that has changed. (So far it hasn’t.)

Today, I tried to check in on their blog to see if they have any interesting news or advice. This is what I saw:

Apparently, TextBroker is just having a bad month. I did a bit of checking on the web; it suggested clearing the cache and cookies. Since I normally use Firefox, I decided to open their blog in Chrome. This is what I saw there:

Well, at least Chrome didn’t give me the helpful message to contact the owners of the blog to let them know of the problem. It’s kind of hard to let them know anything when I can’t get to their contact page. La vida es así.

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