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I just installed the Blubrry PowerPress plug in, which allows me to podcast, which I’m excited about. Not that I’m excited about everyone in the world hearing my voice, but it is another form of media that I can experiment around with and enjoy. (Speaking is part of the language arts, after all).

I can even include video. After my car was viciously struck by a deer, I couldn’t get the driver’s side door open. Here’s the video I shot of that:


I posted that to YouTube, but you  know, YouTube could go up in flames any day. I don’t mean that literally (although servers do generate a lot of heat), but they could go out of business, or get bought out by somebody else (okay, this already happened when Google bought them, but something could still happen like this—remember GeoCities?), they could decide they don’t like my video and take it down, or who knows what else.

I may install this on my science blog, as well. There are a lot of scientific phenomena that are best described through moving images, like this one of the Tacoma Narrows bridge disaster:


You can find all my posts on this blog with podcasts (either audio or video) here.

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