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If You Follow Me on Social Media

This is a quick guide to all the places you can find me on social media and what to expect when you finally get there.

NSFW/NSFS. You have been warned.

Goodbye, Instagram

So, a few months ago, this happened… Let’s talk about what this actually means. First of all, remember that when someone gives you something for free, such as Twitter, or Facebook, you are not the user. You are the product. Your actions are tracked, and that data is used to sell ads to companies who …read more…

Outrage Monkeys

For some reason, I had bookmarked this page on John Scalzi’s blog, and had completely forgotten about it until the other day, when I reread it and decided to add “outrage monkey” to my glossary page. I have to admit, I completely forgot what he was writing about, until I got to the end where …read more…