I’m still trying to get my head around how to think about this blog. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

1) It’s like a television network, with different shows (Project Wideawake, Cherry-flavored Pez, small lucky waffle) that produce new episodes from time to time.

2) It’s like a magazine, with different departments (Project Wideawake, Cherry-flavored Pez, small lucky waffle) that produce new articles from time to time. (Which makes this the most poorly-managed magazine around, but hey, at least something new gets out every once in a while.)

3) It’s a literary work gradually taking shape, which means that all the early posts (possibly including this one—the definition of “early” is relative) are just first draft stuff that will or should eventually be cut anyway. They’re like Chekhov’s first three pages.

I think I like the last definition the best, and that’s the model I’ll have in mind as I’m writing. However, when it comes to podcasting, I definitely think that the first model is the most appropriate.

Does it matter? It shouldn’t really, except that the OCD stuff means I like to have some kind of scheme in my mind for how all this is organized. Sometimes I spend entirely too much time trying to get things organized before I get to work on them, because I can’t work without the organization. Unfortunately, by the time I get done organizing things, I’m too tired (or too tired of them) to work on them. Such is life.

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