28 June 2023 — I’ve had this post password-protected for a long time because I had included some music on the podcast that is not podcast-safe. But the original mp3 file has since been lost, so in the interest of a historical record I’ve opened it up again, albeit without the actual podcast.

Here’s your pizza!

I know, it took me forever to get this done. To be honest with you, I’m not at all happy with it, but I’m soon going far, far away for a while and I may not get a chance to do a podcast for a while, and people have been asking, so I’m throwing this together. Trust me, if I had more time and more resources, this would sound much better.

What do we have this time? A couple of songs (good ones) and a couple of (so-so) stories.


  • You can listen to and download the album Orphan Songs by the group Orphan Songs from
  • Much of our transition music was provided by Kevin McLeod, who lives at
  • You can get all sorts of music by King’s X at Amazon.

Everything Else

  • This podcast is 39:27 long.
  • This podcast is 36.12 MB in size, which means I’m coming in at just under a megabyte per minute, which I can live with.
  • I do not have interesting weeks. I have boring weeks interspersed with days which are either terribly exciting or diarrhea-inducing frightening.
  • Thus, my original plan is, well, in the toilet. Adapt or perish!
  • I meant to do this as a question and answer session, but I did not get a lot of good questions. I will answer them next time around.
  • To my little foreign buddy, Dan, I did mention you, but I forgot to say “Pizza Time!” or “Here’s your pizza!” I will work that in next time, I promise.
  • If times were any more postmodern than they already are, Dan might be my brochacho. (Along with a bunch of other people. But Dan wished me “Happy Canada Day,” and so gets a mention here.)
Canada Day, ay!
  • Yoshi says “Hi!”
  • the walk blog is down, possible permanently. 🙁 It just goes to show that everything on the internet eventually dies.
  • I forgot to say “If you want a blog like this, you’ll have to get your own. Until then, you can listen to mine.”
  • If you want a blog like this, you’ll have to get your own. Until then, you can listen to mine. Seriously, and then send me the link and I’ll mention it and link to it here.
  • Actually, what my computer was saying was “kernal panic” which is much funnier than “kernal failure,” but both are funny because kernal and colonel are homophones.
  • Bright, shiny, happy. Three words you should never use to describe yourself in a job interview.
  • Aaron, your middle name is Pythagoras. Check your birth certificate.
  • Enough of the inside jokes.
  • If history repeats itself, I am totally getting a pet dinosaur.

Actually, there is one thing that I’m pretty happy with—I’m now using Audacity for the final editing. I use GarageBand for recording and editing, but in the old days, I had to export it to iTunes, then convert it to mp3, then find it buried in my music folder, make a copy of it into my blog folder, and it was a complete pain in the rear.

As much as I like iTunes for just listening to music and burning the odd mix cd, it does some things in a very non-Apple way, and it also does some just non-Apple things, which I find irritating. Also, iTunes uses the file name for the name of the song or podcast, so if you use a kind of generic file name which servers will actually be able to parse, you get an ugly name in iTunes. If you choose a pretty name for your song or podcast, it likely contains spaces and other characters which means that people won’t be able to listen to it, simply because their browser can’t find it.


With Audacity, I can just export from Garage Band into an .m4a file, which I then open in Audacity and export as an .mp3 file with the pretty name and all that embedded into it. It’s about 80% less work to actually achieve the results I was going after in the first place. Non-poop win! Yay!

(But because I like things to be uniform, I now have to go back and redo all my other podcasts the same way. But that’s okay, because things will then turn out the way my little OCD brain likes them to be.)

Yes, I’m still working on the levels……………

It’s time for me to go to bed. Goodnight, moon.

Dreaming about Canada Day!

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