…and I got this message:

which is so cool I had to tweet about it:


But this is the sucky part:

As cool as those new Twitter embeds are, there’s no way to center them, or even make them full width. I tried just about everything I could find after STFW.

This is because they pull an `embed.css` from Twitter, and Twitter attached `!important` to every single declaration in that file.

This seriously sucks. I’m embedding my tweets on my blog, and Twitter is telling me I can’t have any control over how they look. You suck, Twitter.

Seriously, I tried this, this, and this. Twitter, all I want is to center my Tweets. I can understand your wanting some control over the appearance of tweets to maintain your brand, but do you have to be this freaking anal? None of what I’m asking here violates your Display Guidelines (which you facetiously call “guidelines” and then treat as if they’re the ten freaking commandments).

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