Every once in a while, I redesign my blogs, partly because I get bored with the design, but mostly because I am trying to keep things as simple as possible. Sometimes upgrades with WordPress or some of my plugins mean I have to go in and tweak things, leaving a lot of code artifacts all over the place. So, it’s time for a redesign.

It’s getting close to that time with this blog, but I decided to first go through my drafts folder and clear out some of the backlog. I had 17 drafts that had just been sitting in there, some for more than three years. I ended up clearing out quite a few of them.

I cleaned up and published six of them. I kept the original dates on three of them, and published the other three today, because those three are still kind of timely.

I deleted six of them. Two of them were drafts for tutorials that ended up on my techblog. Four of them were just titles—I guess that’s how I made notes about blog posts I wanted to write back in the day. I have a much more efficient method now: I write down the title on an index card and then immediately lose it. C’est la vie.

Two of them are upcoming podcasts, two are posts I need to do a lot more research for, and one is still too personal.

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