If You Follow Me on Social Media

This is a quick guide to all the places you can find me on social media and what to expect when you finally get there.

NSFW/NSFS. You have been warned.

Star Trek intros redone in each other’s styles

Star Trek The Original Series and Star Trek The Next Generation intros done in each other’s styles. Thank you, Internet!

Stayin’ Alive

This dog has more chill than I will ever have, alas.

Everyday Chemistry

The Beatles' Everyday Chemistry album, on a cassette tape.

A common science fiction plot element is the parallel dimension—a world like ours, but slightly or hugely different than the one we currently exist in and which can only be entered through some sort of portal. (Star Trek really went to town with this, starting with the original series, and then extending it through DS9 and Enterprise.) …read more…


The 37-year old original article

A long time ago, I thought my life would go in a different direction. I would live in the country, have a wife and a bunch of free-range kids, and we would raise all our own food and save our own seed. This has nothing to do with “prepper” movement, many of whose adherents have …read more…

March of the Imperial Sheep


A little scifi (and other uncanny) art

I do follow a few accounts on Instagram that post some fine science fiction (and otherwise uncanny) art. Here are a few:             View this post on Instagram                         A post shared by Vintage Sci-fi Art (@vintage_scifiart)     …read more…

Add a little UFO to your life

I love the fact that I’m random enough that most of my social media accounts have no idea what to recommend to me. But every once in a while, they hit the nail on the head. YouTube did exactly that when they recommended TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin to me. I just love everything about his videos. This …read more…

The Word Machine

2020 has been a busy year for me. I’m hoping that things slow down a bit in 2021 and I get to be more creative. Anyway, I ran across The Word Machine, by Timo Van Neerden. (It’s part of his web tools package, which you can find here.) In no time at all, I came …read more…

Pork Cutlets in the Air Fryer

Well, I did a thing: I created a cooking channel on YouTube. The first video is pork cutlets in the air fryer: If you need more of that, head on over and subscribe. And if you need less of it, then leave a comment here. Next up, I’ve got a couple of shopping videos, simple …read more…

Buying Stamps to Save Democracy

I can’t believe it’s come to this, but here we are. The current occupant of the White House has launched an attack on the Postal Service because he believes that mail in voting will lead to his losing the election. These are the facts: Mail-in voting has been happening since the Civil War. Voter fraud …read more…

Silent Noise Project #010 — the everything you touch is now contaminated episode

I’m still here. Welcome to episode #10 of the Silent Noise Project. This episode is 50 minutes and 38 seconds long and weighs 67.3 megabytes, although your mileage may vary because the internet gets superfreaky sometimes. The People’s Revolutionary Podcast Naming Committee has decreed that this episode shall be called “everything you touch is now …read more…


I started writing in a journal again a while back. I started doing this‒I don’t know, maybe 18 years ago, after reading Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones. (Good book, that. I wish I still had my copy.) Following her example, I just wrote everything down in a standard 70-page school notebook. They go on …read more…

Humor in the time of Corona Virus

Because it’s necessary to laugh every once in a while.