I am still tweaking this blog. I have finally got the appearance the way I want it, and although I am still tweaking bits and pieces of it, I believe most of my work is done there. Now, on to the structure.

I am starting with the menus. Using Kalin’s Post List plugin, I am gradually moving away from category archive pages to more meaningful links in the menu. So far, I have Art, Computers, and Cooking done. It takes a while, so don’t expect miracles. Also, I really need to scan/photograph a lot of my old art stuff so that it is at least digitized (so that I can work it with it later), because I sense an impending involuntary camping trip is in the near future, and I won’t have access to a lot of previous works for who knows how long.

I also have a lot more tutorials to write (both for Graphene and WordPress), along with the some new YouTube videos that I have footage of, but just need to edit and add a soundtrack. These are way overdue, and are only being limited by my lack of time. So please take any minutes that you waste, stuff them in an envelope, and send them to me.

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