Today was officially a good day, since I had a job interview after work, and was immediately offered the position.

Good things about this job:

  1. It’s for a very good company (I checked this out) that has an excellent retention rate.
  2. It’s retail, and I got mad skillz at working retail, because I have really good people skills (except on Tuesdays, because everyone needs a day off, you know?).
  3. They are more than willing to work around my teaching schedule.
  4. Even though it’s only for the holidays (through the end of January), there is a good chance I can stay on all year around, which will be welcome come summer.
  5. I’m not working in a factory, in a fast-food restaurant, in a gas station, in a place that involves animals or animal feces, or in a place that employs mostly felons.
  6. I get excellent discounts.

Bad things about this job:

  1. It only pays $7.75 an hour, which ain’t much.
  2. It’s retail, and some customers think they own you, since you’re only working for $7.75 an hour (and believe me, when I run into these people, I start thinking things that make Jesus drink straight from the bottle). Fortunately, these people are rare.
  3. I would like to get twenty or more hours a week (and work full time during holidays when I’m not teaching), but I’m not sure if they do that.
  4. There are no benefits, other than the excellent discounts.
  5. People occasionally leave dirty diapers in the fitting rooms (so I kind of lied when I said it didn’t involve animal feces).

Okay, so the good things outweigh the bad things by a total of one. The way things have been going lately, I’ll take that spread. The only question is whether or not I’ll be able to make enough money to get caught up on back rent (all $1200 of it) before my landlord kicks me out.

I’m not going to mention the name of the company, because even though they are a good one to work for (like I said, I checked this out), they are still corporate, and some corporations just don’t like any publicity they can’t have complete control over. As I really need to keep this job for a while, I’m going to stay mum on their name, although I’m fairly certain I’ll be talking about what happens there in this blog.

And yes, I know that’s a stupid name for a blog post. I’m just tired.

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