When I first started a personal blog, I had no idea what to do with it. I thought I would post a few recipes, write about my weekend at the beach, and that would be about it.

Instead, this blog became a tremendous learning experience for me. I started podcasting (thanks to Wil Wheaton and Robert X. Cringely for pointing the way), I learned about WordPress and the Graphene theme in particular, and about HTML, CSS, PHP, and some of the more esoteric aspects of being a webmaster. Because I learned from others and I believe in giving back, I started writing tutorials here to help others along the same path.

The dilemma is that as much as I enjoy writing tutorials and how-to’s for WordPress, Graphene, GetSimple, HTML, CSS, and PHP, people who come here for that probably aren’t much interested in a my recipe for potato salad. Likewise, people who come here for a potato salad recipe probably aren’t interested in CSS pseudoclasses.

This dilemma has created a creative block for me. Whenever I’ve experienced a creative block, it’s sometimes (i.e., almost never) because I’ve gotten caught up over some really important point, or more likely (i.e., almost always) because I’ve gotten caught up over some minor inconsequential point.

This is one of those once-in-a-thousand moments when I’ve gotten stuck over some really important point.

I’ve been rewriting and updating some of these technology posts, and the thought occurred to me that they would be more useful if they were all in a central location. A central location devoid of potato salad recipes, and devoted solely to talking about web technologies (and other tech things, as well).

At the same time, I have several drafts about life, the universe, and everything that I’ve wanted to post, but I didn’t want to dilute their impact by talking about technology. So the choice was simple: create another blog devoted entirely to technology.

Although this means starting over from scratch, it’s a good thing, really: I can start with a clean design and clearly laid out organization. I realized long ago that this blog is cluttered, especially with regard to tags. I cleaned out the sidebar some time ago, but it can use further pruning. Clearing out content from here makes room for more personal content. It also reinforces my passion for web technologies and my position as a web professional. So it’s time to close some doors and open some others.

Yes, it’s time to move on.

What this means is that I’m now going to writing about WordPress, HTML, and all that other stuff on my new technology blog, Up Past Midnight. I’ll gradually be moving all those posts from here to there, rewriting (because I’m my own worst editor and copyeditor) and updating (because technology moves on). I’m going to leave these posts in place here, but I’ll gradually start using 301 redirects to get visitors over to the new, updated articles. After a while, I’ll delete those posts here—gotta do what it takes to keep a database lean and mean.

So if you want recipes and vacation pics, stay tuned. If you want to know about web (and other) technologies, meet me at Up Past Midnight.

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