I have shut down the comments on this post. The reason is simple: not a week goes without a comment making very sexist remarks against Marissa Mayer, the current (July, 2015) president and CEO of Yahoo!

My complaints are with this company and their ridiculous, money-grubbing policies. Apparently, some people aren’t smart enough to understand that, or are upset that women are now in charge of major corporations. If you want to have outdated, sexist opinions, that is your right. It’s also my right to not allow your comment on my blog.

…and why the rest of you should avoid using Yahoo.

For some time, I’ve been debating whether I want to host my own image gallery or not, mainly because I can’t afford to spend more money on memory for my VPS, especially where there are plenty of free online photo sharing platforms.

Since Flickr is probably the best known, I went there, and tried to sign up with what I thought would be a good username: my first two initials and my last name. This is the message I got:


When I saw that the username I had chosen wasn’t available, I realized that I had signed up for a Yahoo account some time ago. So I dug through some files, found the old password, and tried signing in with it.

This is what I got:

What this tells me is that my account is “being recycled” and should be available for use at some point in the future. So, every few days at first, and then every few weeks, I tried signing in with that account name and password, and getting the same message. This has been going on for the past five months. I don’t know how long it takes to recycle a Yahoo account name, but when I’ve got a bag of lettuce leaves and tomato cores to go out to the compost pile, I don’t let them sit around for five months. I move them out.

And yes, I’ve tried everything on their help pages, to no avail. I did, however find this:


They can’t specify how long until it becomes available? Really? What the hell are they doing with it anyway?

Notice that they do offer you the opportunity to create a “watch list” of user names you are waiting to become available. Surprisingly, you don’t need to have a Yahoo account. You just need to pay them $1.99 and they’ll let you know if any of those names become available in the next three years. Or course, they can’t guarantee those names will become available; they may simply take your money and “recycle” your request. You can see that page for yourself and form your own opinion.

This is why Yahoo sucks. Remember when it was the default search engine on the web? I do. Yahoo! was my home page for many years. But now they just suck, and this is just one of the reasons why. (Shutting down Geocities is another one.) Now I simply don’t want anything to do with them. I got AOL out of my life, and now I’ve got Yahoo out as well. Good riddance.

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