As a follow-up to my first 70s music break post, here’s some more damn music.

I’ve gotta admit, I don’t really remember that one all that well. But it has all the hallmarks of 70s music: polyester, bell bottoms, family quintets, and a real Brady Bunch vibe. To be honest, it’s not a bad song, and with a little retooling could be a pop hit today.

The problem with such teeny-bop groups is that no matter how good they sound now, puberty is inevitable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Hanson or The Moffats or the Partridge Family, (or the real Partridge Family, the Cowsills) or even the goddamn Brady Bunch, puberty will get you. And if you’re a singer, it will probably kill your career. Just ask Billy Gilman.

Still, that doesn’t mean that for a few shining, golden moments, you can’t make good music.

FWIW, Minnie Riperton is Maya Rudolph’s mother. She was taken from us far too soon.

This is probably the first disco song that I remember. And I can remember single-digit me being egged on by older relatives to dance to this song when it came on the radio. It could have been worse. This is a great song.

You can’t talk about 70s music without talking about The Carpenters. Karen Carpenter had an amazing voice, but few people recall that she was also an incredible drummer.

Actually, this is my favorite Carpenters song:

Their talent is so amazing that they deserve two spots on this list.

Presented without comment:


How I feel about all this music:

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