I saw this on John Scalzi’s website and thought it was so brilliant that it was worth copying, except for two things:

  1. That would involve actual work.
  2. Self-appointed copyright experts would come out of the woodwork to tell me that I’m violating his copyright, which I would not be if I made my own, but these people are both legion and annoying, mainly because their so-called knowledge of copyright relies on their assumptions and something they once read on some libertarian website somewhere this one time a long time ago. (I actually had one tell me that violating copyright was neither a misdemeanor nor a felony, and when I responded—with actual proof—that yes, Virginia, copyright violation is actually a felony that generally results in fines and penalties rather than prison time—although that is possible—they were amazed.)

Anyway, I try very hard to be a nice person, both here and on social media, but if I do miss the mark, that’s okay because:

  1. It’s my website, and you are free to go elsewhere to be outraged.
  2. It’s my social media account, and you are free to stay out of my mentions.

Have a nice fucking day!


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