Welcome to episode #11 of the Silent Noise Project. This episode is 44 minutes and 03 seconds long and weighs 60.2 megabytes, although your mileage may vary because, like I’ve said before, the internet gets superfreaky sometimes.

The People’s Revolutionary Podcast Naming Committee has decreed that this episode shall be called “even Jesus is drinking straight from the bottle now episode” because if he weren’t a fictional character, he would be, just like the rest of us.


As always, this podcast is NSFW and NSFS. Oddly enough, this one is not too bad. I must be losing my touch.

Update Information:

Update, 12 March 2022: I made a zine out of all the notes I had for this episode. You can download it for free (although you can also pay a nominal amount if you want) from Gumroad at https://iswpw.gumroad.com/l/snp11. Enjoy!

Since everyone has pretty much given up on masks and social distancing, I ask that you treat me the way I wanted to be treated before Covid.

Gosh, this is how 2020 and 2021 felt:

Show Notes!

Get ’em while they’re hot.

Chapter One — The Other Side

Radio Free Burrito is much missed! But these are two of my favorite episodes:

Here’s that physical therapy for your brain thing I mentioned:

(I’m not sure about the essential oils, because that’s a little woo-woo for me, but if you like how they smell and they help you relax, then go for it. But they’re not going to heal a broken bone. Go to the doctor and get a cast on that thing. Also, I really detest the use of the word “hack” here, which is something I talk about in issue #1 of the codex, for which see below.)

My relationship with Wil Wheaton in a single video:

Pull up Marc Antony’s funeral oration, and read along as you listen to this:

You can find the text of Lord Buckley’s speech here.

Chapter Two — Get Excited and Make Things!

Austin Kleon is a writer who draws.

You can read more (and buy) just13 from just13.click. (And gosh, I really need to update that website. And I need to move the buying part of it Etsy.)

You can buy the codex from Etsy. And the git repo for it is here.

You can also buy Do it in the Terminal from Etsy.

Dude With a Fork is on YouTube. I also have a website which hasn’t been updated in forever.

Chapter Three — Covid Nam

I got nothing here. You know what you need to do. Since the government has pretty much given up, it’s up to us now.


Episode 4 of Project Wideawake is here. It is one of my favorite episodes of PW, which means I peaked early. Oh, well.

Also, Austin Kleon often uses a mind map as a way of taking notes, which you can see here and also here. As it turns out, I’ve been a great lover of mind maps for years, and used them to outline my thinking for this podcast, which is perhaps why this one was recorded so easily. Here’s my mind map for chapter one:

(Yeah, I sometimes—often—doodle in the margins.)

Here’s the mind map for chapter two:

I had nothing for chapter three. I really didn’t know what I wanted to say:

But I did do the math:

RFC: The editing went by really fast on this one because there was hardly any of it. Usually I take a lot of time to take all the verbal pauses like “um” and “er” and “anyway.” If this bothers you, let me know. If you didn’t even notice, please also let me know. The comment box is down below. Thanks!

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