So…I did a thing.

A while ago, I released an episode of the Silent Noise Project. I actually had really good notes for this one, and a lot of background information. Quite frankly, I had a lot more material than I could fit into a show, and I had a lot of material that shouldn’t have gone into that show, because putting everything in just makes it a hodge podge without a unified focus of any kind. And as I tend to be fairly random at the best of times, I really need to murder my darlings if I want to make something that makes sense.

Of course, you don’t have to murder them. Like scraps of pie crust, you can save them and remold them into something else.

In this case, instead of making a podcast out of them, I made a zine. 

Yep. That’s what I did.

I’ve made zines for a long time, but I’ve always typeset them. Largely because I had the technology, but also because I’ve never been too pleased with my handwriting, which as you can see from the sample above is not terrible, but it’s not pretty easy, either. Like me, it’s workmanlike. My handwriting is the equivalent of store-brand toilet paper. It gets the job done, and you’re happy it’s done, but you did not enjoy the process.

But I’ve always loved the look and feel of collage-style zines, because they feel like somebody’s hands have been all over them. They feel more authentic. It’s the difference between buying a coffee mug at Walmart and buying one at a local art fair. It just seems more genuine. 

And that’s what I did (mostly) with this one. I did start to get tired at the end (it’s 60 pages!*) so there is some typeset material in the last few pages.

Anyway, you can buy it here: for whatever price you like, including the grand old sum of zero dollars. (Just type a “0” in the price box.) 


*I could easily have made this 100 pages. Be glad that I didn’t.

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