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Silent Noise Project #008 — the angry, pissed off episode

Silent Noise Project Volume 2

Zines, the paranormal, swearing, shopping malls, dancing Klingons. Episode #8 of the Silent Noise Project has it all!

Project Wideawake #006

Welcome to episode #6 of Project Wideawake. This Episode’s Tunes “Canada Loves You” by Rubber Clown Car (4:73) “Popcorn” by TenPenny Joke (3:58) “Songstress’ Sweet Song” by The Agrarians (2:20) “We Are All Bears” by Tinyfolk (3:15) “Cryin Eyes” by Old Lights (3:04) “Country Love” by Benji Hughes (3:11) “More Than I Need” by Philip …read more…