Welcome to Episode #5 of the Silent Noise Project.

It’s snowing in here. How cheesy is that? [Update as of 20 January 2012: No, it isn’t snowing any more. It was cheesy. And it interfered.] This was originally going to be the “Quantum Mechanics and Red Leicester” episode, in honor of Monty Python’s cheese shop sketch. But since there are only six people in the United States who know what Red Leicester is (or how it’s pronounced), this was eventually voted down by the People’s Revolutionary Podcast Episode Naming Committee.

This episode is 53 minutes and 52 seconds long and 74.0 MB in size. This is what we are talking about this time:


This American Life is one of the best radio shows out there. You can find out more about it, including listening to the current episode and downloading previous episodes, by visiting their website at thisamericanlife.org.

You can read all about Red Leicester here. Of course, the real thing is always here.

If you want to find out what the big deal is, you can always read this and scare away all your friends.


Chapter One — A Musical Introduction

I didn’t hear Straight Outta Junior High until late this summer—and immediately became a fan. Sharknocerous is their latest album. Their website is here. (Warning: some of their songs are NAFS, NAFW, NSFS, or NSFW. Turns out they are from Omaha, Nebraska.

The video I mentioned is below. Pay attention to the comments, if they are still there.

BTW, Mr. Kobayashi was actually played by Pete Postlethwaite, an English actor, who died just this past January. But that’s kind of the point of the song, isn’t it? The part about being English, I mean, not the part about having died this year.

Chapter Two — Don’t Call Me Adam

Other posts about the Aluminum Incarceration are here.

Here is a cool story about naming things (or unnaming them, actually) by Ursula K. LeGuin, called “She Unnames Them.” Wonderful story; questionable web design.

Chapter Three — Amy Winehouse’s Guide to Basic Economic Theory

This is possibly the most important, and therefore least coherent, part of this podcast.

If you listen carefully around 21 minutes, you can hear a Gmail notification dinging.

Chapter Four — It’s That Time of Year Again

You can read more about the Patinettes (who are actually from Zaragoza, Spain) and hear more of their music here, or you can visit their website.

Holy cow, I think I used the word “harking” in here. Welcome to the seventeenth century.

Chapter Five — OCD Update

Yes, I don’t like this title. You are perfectly free to suggest a new title in the comments down below.

Chapter Six — Our Revels Now Are Pretty Much Ended

“If you are interested, you will be interesting.” — That comes from episode one of Wil Wheaton’s podcast Radio Free Burrito. It’s somewhere around the four-minute mark. (To be honest, this very early episode is not all that good. Keep listening, they get a lot better. I’m kind of bummed that he hasn’t done one in a while.)

This is where Wil Wheaton, my arch-nemesis, talks about being interested vs. being interesting. It’s an ancient episode of Radio Free Burrito. You’ll have to FF to about 4:30 into the podcast. (Warning: this podcast is also NAFS, NAFW, NSFS, or NSFW. You have been warned.)

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I didn’t have time to include their song, so I’m mentioning it here. “Chile la Roja” by MANWOMANCHILD is courtesy of the Free Music Archive. Their website is here. {Chile La Roja (MANWOMANCHILD) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0}

If you have a minute, go over to Spiraling’s website and listen to their song “The Future.” It’s not podcast-safe, but it’s still a song full of awesome, so you really should listen to it.

If you found this podcast decidedly lacking in entertainment value, then you should watch this video, which perfectly describes every single job interview I went on this summer:

Did you know that the dramatic chipmunk is actually a prairie dog? Check it out:

That reminds me of a recent incident. Although I am usually pretty even-tempered, nice and friendly (except on Tuesdays), I had to lay the electronic internet smack-down on some snotty-faced heap of parrot droppings the other day. You can read about it here.

Thanks for listening!

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