I have to admit, I’ve tried this once before. Actually, I’ve tried it two—no, three times before.

Well, the fourth time is the charm, isn’t it?

Actually, I’m still reluctant about links, which is weird, because the whole point of the web is links. Links are why Tim Berners-Lee (god, I can’t wait to see how future archeologists mangle his name) created the whole damn thing in the first place. I mean, despite what all your teachers say about everything you do on the internet is permanent, there is still a lot of shit I know was there that I can no longer find. (Um…GeoCities much?) But I just found some of my dead sites on the Wayback Machine, so at least some things are going to make it into the future.

Plus, I mentioned that Life is Changing Againâ„¢, and thus, instead of spending the entire weekend collating, I spend most weekends scanning. And what that experience has taught me is that I have a lot of ideas that are not quite worthy of a blog post, but deserve more than a tweet. Thus, “miscellany” posts, yet again. The circle is complete. It’s dejavu all over again. In other words…

Yep. Oh, well. Whatever. Never mind.


I’ve fallen in love with wikis. Well, not actual wikis, but wiki software. I’ve been playing around with DokuWiki a lot at work, because I wanted a place to keep notes on all the projects I work on, so I installed it on a test site. Then I realized how much it work well for a small company’s project tracking and internal communications. I also started playing around with PmWiki, because I’ve been using it as a personal notebook to keep track of my own things. The odd thing is, I enjoy playing around with them even though I’m the only user. “Wiki for one” anybody?

DVDs are mostly empty space

I’ve decided to thin out my DVD collection. Not the actual DVD, because even the worst Italian science fiction film from 1973 is still loads better than 99% of the drivel that modern television delivers. No, I’m just thinning out the space they take up. I’m getting rid of the huge plastic cases movies come in, dropping the disks into small CD/DVD envelopes, scanning the DVD’s “liner notes” (remember those?), and keeping track of all of them via a spreadsheet. What used to take three shelves now takes up about six inches of shelf space, meaning they take up about ten percent of the space they used to.

What I need to do now, however, is figure out a place to keep all those scanned cover images. I’m storing them on my computer, but if I put them online, we could start doing movie weekends, and commenting on them again. (We did this a long time ago, when MST3K was still a thing. Well, MST3K is coming back, so I’m thinking movie weekends need to come back, as well.)


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