When You Are Clearly Overqualified for the Dance Contest

If you can’t see the video above, it’s because DreamHost has once again decided to fuck some of its customers, and not in a good way.

Update Information:

April 2018 Update: DreamHost has screwed me over by changing, yet again, and despite promises and without warning, their CDN and cloud hosting services. I’ve sinced switched to AWS.

Do not use DreamHost. While they are sometimes good (and used to be great) they are often a shitstorm of incompetence and indifference. You can do better. DreamHost can do better. Here, have a baseball cap.

Sorting Out the Home Folder

Sometimes I make things deliberately difficult for myself. I couldn’t find anything on my computer, because I tended not to think too much about where to put things ahead of time. So I would drop a file in a location I thought (in the heat of the moment, because that’s how I tend to do things) was completely logical, and then the next time I had to deal with something similar, I would forget about the first thing, and put the second, similar thing in a different, albeit seeminly just as logical, location. Needless to say, I have about a dozen folders labeled “Sort”. It was ridiculous.

So I took a long afternoon and sorted it all out. Things I downloaded went in the Downloads folder. Things I created went in the Documents folder, unless it was a picture or a video. All downloaded music went in the Music folder. I sorted everything out (except for those pesky “Sort” folders) and it was beautiful.

The problem now is that I can’t remember where I actually put anything. Sure, I can search, but that kind of defeats the purpose of using a logical location. I have a feeling that much of what I’m looking for is in those sort folders. Those will take even longer to figure out, alas.

The weird thing is, I can never remember where anything is until it gets moved. I could never find anything in our local grocery store. Then they got bought out, made over, and moved everything. (They also raised prices in the meantime, so win-win, hey hey, nudge hudge.) Now when I go in there, I still can’t find anything, but ironically, I can now remember where everything used to be. I wish my brain had an owner’s manual, but if it did, I’m pretty sure it would be written in Welsh.

The move is almost over…

I’ve moved again, and hopefully will stay put for a while. That means more time for blogging, podcasting, etc.

It’s a strange experience, actually, to be forced to go through all of your possessions and evaluate how much they mean to you according to a new set of metrics (i.e., “do I want to carry this again?” and “do I want to find another place to put this again?” and “do I really feel like dusting this all the time again?”). So I will definitely be posting about that. Also, there was a flood, which added a new metric to the evaluation process. I may podcast about that. I don’t know yet.


Damn, I started this post on July 30 of this year. And here it is October already. Time is really flying.

At this point, I’m only publishing this to get it out of the backlog, and because I need to publish something. Also, I’ve recently learned about the importance of stopping starting and starting to stop. From the above article:

What if the key to innovation isn’t starting something new? What if the real secret is stopping something old? You don’t have the capacity…the time, resources or energy…to do the new things because you are busy maintaining the old ones. Starting new things is easy. You just add an app or expand your workday a couple of hours. Stopping things is hard. It’s full of feelings of loss, disappointment and failure. It takes more than creativity. It takes courage to stop what you’ve been doing to make room for the things your organization wants to start doing now.

So I need to stop writing this, so I can start writing something new. Done.

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