Because of $reasons, I have a lot of young people in my life right now who are taking their first steps into the bigger, adult world. A handful of them have asked me for various bits of advice, and because I like to write and also because I hate repeating myself (there are more efficient ways), I decided to just make this a blog post. That way, I can update it with new information, and people can comment and ask questions.

Most of this advice is aimed at young people going into college, but a lot of it applies to people going directly from high school to work. Those bits also apply to anyone transitioning from college to work life. I thought long and hard whether to do this as a series of blog posts or articles on my main website. I eventually decided to just do it as a bunch of pdf documents because those can be downloaded and shared, and they print out nicely. I’ll send out updates on social media.


This information is for personal use only. It represents ideas and information and strategies that have worked for me. Your mileage may vary.

The list of documents will go here.

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