Four years and two days later, and here we are.

Welcome to episode #7 of the Silent Noise Project. This episode is 46 minutes and 54 seconds long and weighs 53.5 megabytes. As always, your mileage may, and probably will, vary.

All the relevant information is in the podcast, but if you can’t wait, I’ve put some notes together down below.

It has been a long time since I’ve done a podcast, so the quality is questionable. Production values are greatly improved, thanks to a new (well, a new used laptop), Ubuntu 18.04 (which just rocks—if you don’t believe me, take my car), and a newly found willingness to experiment with Audacity and to take notes as I do so. I just recently read a short story (“The Barrens” by Stephanie Feldman in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction) where a character says “Nobody tells teenagers anything useful.” That is, sadly, true. Of course, the converse of that is that when someone actually does tell a teenager something useful, they don’t fricking pay attention.

So here’s my bit of useful advice for teenagers, and everybody else as well, I guess: Don’t be afraid to experiment, but take good notes as you go. That way you can always—that is, probably—back out of it if—that is, when—things turn into shit.


NSFW: This podcast is not as profane as some of my other podcasts, but still, I wouldn’t listen to it at work or school. You have been warned. (Hell, I just gave you an example in the above paragraph, and one more example in this sentence. Aren’t you listening? Damn it, that’s three examples. Oh, wait…)

Holy Amazeballs, Mermaid Man! It’s time to get excited and make things!

The People’s Revolutionary Podcast Naming Committee originally decided that the name of this episode should be “the everything is very not real episode”. However, that resolution has been tabled, as that name is to be used for a future podcast. Instead, the PRPNC has decided that the name of this episode shall be the “everybody lies episode”, with apologies to math and physics club.

Podcast Notes

Chapter 1 — The Aceton Assimilation

  • The Wikipedia article about “Booby Trap” is here.
  • Apparently, you can watch the entire episode of “Booby Trap on Dailymotion here. Yeah, I’m not sure how long that’s going to last, so enjoy it while you can.
  • One thing I left out about this is that Geordi fell in love with a hologram in this episode. That’s also possible in real life, but I didn’t talk about it. Wait for a future episode with a chapter called “The Aceton Assimilation Revisited”.

Chapter 2 — Manufacturing Malapropisms

Because sometimes, damn it, I’m just too tired to come up with a good name.

  • The “Production Associates” ad, complete with my notes, can be found here. Sorry for the crappy scan, but the pixelation is free.
  • If you don’t know what a malapropism is, Wikipedia explains it all. Yes, I’m not quite using the word with that particular meaning. I’ve sacrificed meaning for alliteration. Still, the word roughly means “badly placed” and that does apply here, in a couple of contexts.

Chapter 3 — The Winter of my Discontent

I think this chapter kind of sucks, but oh well, whatever, never mind.

  • I wrote about my “minor health scare” here. Oddly, that seems like ages ago.
  • Here’s Craig Ferguson doing a wee bit of Shakespeare.

Music Notes

  • “Friday Nights” is from the band Kids Fly Free. I first played this song back in Project Wideawake 003. IIRC I said that I loved this song because it was pure rock and roll: just guitar and drums and a bunch of mostly unintelligible lyrics. My opinion hasn’t changed. FWIW, KFF still has a page on MySpace, but there’s nothing new there. (Sadness ensues. Also, I totally forgot to mention this song during the podcast. ¡Fuck!)
  • “Everybody Lies” is from math and physics club. I also played this way back in PW003. The link to their page on Comfort Stand Recordings is above.
    The good news is that in doing the research for this podcast, I discovered that they are still out there making great music. Their website is at Yay! (Apparently, I knew that before, since I had linked to that site already, but I completely unremembered that.)
  • “Hello, This is Tech Support” is from tinyfolk, from their album Black Bears. I first played this in Project Wideawake 009. Gosh, that was over four years ago. tinyfolk is now sadly defunct, but you can find a lot of their music on the Free Music Archive here.
  • “What This Country Needs” is by Ant Neely. I first played this in Project Wideawake 010, which wasn’t that long ago (relatively speaking, that is). It’s just such a cool song, I couldn’t help but play it again here. His website is at

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