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Silent Noise Project #007 — the everybody lies episode

Silent Noise Project Volume 2

OMGWTFBBQ!!! It’s another episode of the Silent Noise Project! — Actually, it’s episode number seven, after a four year hiatus!

Project Wideawake #008, part 1

Welcome to the first part of episode #8 of Project Wideawake. Why two parts? It’s a long story, but the tl;dr version is this: it’s been three years since I’ve done a podcast, so I decided for this first one to recap some of my favorite songs from the first seven episodes. Turns out there …read more…

Project Wideawake #003

Welcome to episode #3 of Project Wideawake. This episode’s tunes This time around we have eight songs for your listening pleasure. “Lonely Night” by Persson (4:17) “Naked as a Star” by Steve Kilbey and Martin Kennedy (3:28) “Friday Nights” by Kids Fly Free (3:22) “Everybody Lies” by the Math and Physics Club (3:13) “Je cherche …read more…