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Summer Sauce

This recipe had its origins in how to get mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, pickles, relish, and olives on a hamburger without having it all end up in your lap. The solution we came up with was to combine these all into a single sauce. The result is something that is not quite like any of these …read more…

Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.

Henry James

Published on 20 June 2012 at 12:00 pm

Silent Noise Project #003

Yes, I know this project starts with number 3, but that’s because it’s actually a renamed “Cherry-flavored Pez.” I’m not losing it. Listen to the podcast for the reason why. (So yes, in some ways this makes it a “very special episode” but what’s the point? In this day and age, everything is a “very …read more…